About Us: 
This is a year-round service 

Inspired by the horse drawn caissons of old, 1 More Ride
 is a chopper-trike drawn hearse/caisson service,
operating in southwestern Ohio. 

  When you love motorcycles ... 
  why would you take your last ride on earth in a car? 

That is what 1 More Ride is all about.

My goal is to be able to provide this service to anyone that wants 1 More Ride.
A uniquely remarkable and memorable service to the biker community and any
and all motorcycle enthusiasts. You or your loved one will be transported in style like no other. Through that service, combined with our sponsorship programs, my mission is to be able to provide 1 More Ride at no charge for those interested, that are our Military Heroes, Fire Fighters and Police, killed in the line of duty.

 As a former Marine and current member of two patriotic motorcycle        organizations ...

 I will approach each and every mission with true honor
and respect.

All KIA Military, Fire, and LE services are FREE

Contact us at:
or (513)280-0442
           Find us on facebook "1 More Ride Motorcycle Hearse Company" 

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